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Volleyball Season

| | October 30, 2018

Volleyball Season

The volleyball girls started off their season with a win against the Green Forest Tigers. “It made me feel happy, and that we can work together as a team”, says sophomore, Trinity Warren. The spirit from the bench to the crowd was amazing and it was a big accomplishment for them. Senior, Haylee Marberry says, “I think the encouragement helps, it makes everyone more pumped for the games.” This year they got a new coach so they have had to adjust to her style of coaching. “I like how she lets us meet in the middle, it makes me feel like we are closer, more like a family. She makes it fun, and doesn’t make it seem like big deal if we mess up, doesn’t make us feel bad about it.” says, junior, Emily Davenport. Being like a family I think is important, because it brings everyone closer and makes it easier to work together to accomplish something. The volleyball team is like one big family, that is why they are off to a great season.

Katie Herron
Staff Writer
Bobcat Bulletin