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AMI - Elementary

Arkansas Act 862 gives schools across the state the opportunity to make up unexpected absences through a district-created Alternate Method of Instruction (AMI) plan. The Flippin School District Administrative Leadership Team has created a plan, submitted it to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for evaluation and received approval for AMI Days for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Parents: When your student brings their packet home, help them to find a safe place to keep it so that it doesn't get lost or thrown away by mistake. Thank you! 

Preschool - 4th Grade Bobcat Cards, Books & Directions for AMI Day 11 and beyond

Letter from Mrs. Luttrell Explaining AMI Work for April 6-17 (and beyond, if needed)


Bobcat Cards

Bobcat Card Week1- April 6-10 Book: The Kingdom of Flippin Defeats the Evil Covid

Bobcat Card Week 2- April 13-17 Book: N is for Natural State

Bobcat Card Week 3- April 20-24 Book: The Tiny Seed

Bobcat Card Week 4- April 27-May 1 Book:Violet the Pilot

Bobcat Card Week 5- May 4-8 Book:A Butterfly is Patient

Bobcat Card Week 6- May 11-15 Book:The Little House

Bobcat Card Week 7- May 18-22 Book:What if You Had Animal Feet?

Grade Level Direction Pages (Preschool and Kindergarten's directions are all located directly on the Bobcat Card.)

1st Grade Directions- Week 1

1st Grade Directions-Week 2

1st Grade Directions-Week 3

1st Grade Directions-Week 4

1st Grade Directions-Week 5

1st Grade Directions-Week 6

1st Grade Directions-Week 7

2nd Grade Directions Weeks 1-7

3rd Grade Directions Weeks 1-7

4th Grade Directions Weeks 1-7

PE Directions Weeks 1-7

Art Directions for Pre-K, K & 1st grade Weeks 1-7

Music Directions Weeks 1-7

Music Links: 

WEEK 2: Arkansas, You Run Deep

WEEK 3: A Little Seed (P & K) Little Seed (1st & 2nd) Waltz of the Flowers (3rd & 4th)

WEEK 4: You-Nique (1st & 2nd) Working on My Dreams (3rd & 4th)

WEEK 5: My Little Butterfly (P & K) Butterfly, Butterfly (3rd & 4th)

WEEK 6: My House (P & K)

Weekly Books

Book 1- The Kingdom of Flippin Defeats the Evil Covid

Book 2- N is for Natural State

Book 3- The Tiny Seed

Book 4- Violet the Pilot

Book 5- A Butterfly is Patient

Book 6- The Little House

Book 7- What if You Had Animal Feet?


Weekly Book Videos from Mrs. Luttrell: 

Week 1: Click this link!

Week 2: 


Days 1-5

Days 6-10 



Cover Letter ACover Letter B

A: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5

B: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5

Days 6-10 


1st Grade

Cover Letter

Days 1-5 Work

Days 6-10


2nd Grade

Cover Letter

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5 

Days 6-10


3rd Grade

Cover Letter

Day 1-Arkansas Coloring BookCheeky ChipmunksMultiplication Fact Sheet

Day 2- Arkansas Coloring BookThe White HouseTelling Time

Day 3- Arkansas Coloring BookHibernationFractions

Day 4- Arkansas Coloring BookRoller CoasterPictographs

Day 5- Arkansas Coloring BookAnimal MigrationBar Graphs

Days 6-10


4th Grade

Cover Letter

Days 1-5

Days 6-10