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Seniors First Day

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| | September 25, 2018

Seniors First Day


Becoming a senior can be a very memorable milestone in one’s life. Imagine the flood of accomplishment washing over you when it’s all over and there you are walking through the aisles of peers to retrieve your diploma. The first day of school the seniors bang through the doors of the gym waving their flags and sounding their horns. Though senior year is the year most look forward to their whole high school life, the feelings can be bittersweet for some. “It settled into my system that it was my last of… so many cherishing memories that I won't continue making... and that made me so sad,” said Ashley Mortenson. Others like Kylie Coroch said they were most sad about being separated from the other members of their class; their peers they had grown up with, been best friends with, had been on their first date with, had their first sleepover with, they would no longer see them everyday.


Despite the bitter though, there resides a bold sweetness. The thought of being the top dogs and getting ready to enter a new stage of your life in the upcoming year. “You feel as if you're the ‘sharks’ as Mrs. Fulton told us in 5th grade. It's like, it's YOUR year,” Kylie Coroch gushed. Tanner Dulin looked forward to inspiring the grades below him as he had once looked up to the generations of seniors before him; however, he explains that there are two different kinds of people that lead as seniors: the “feathers” and the “bricks.” The “feathers” are the ones who “float through highschool” trying to do the bare minimum to get by, the “bricks” are the ones who are solid and reliable, they try their best in school. He encourages his fellow seniors to be bricks for the younger kids to look up to.


In conclusion a lot of different thoughts go through the heads of the seniors on the first day of school: new pressures, excitement towards graduation, sadness thinking about having to say goodbye to their friends. But if you are a senior like Ivy Benoit “(Entering the school as a Senior) literally wasn’t different at all. Not even the slightest.”


Brenna Metts
Staff Writer
Bobcat Bulletin

Photo by: Brenna Metts