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New Faces Around Flippin

| | September 25, 2018

New Faces Around Flippin

Three years ago, I walked into an unfamiliar building filled with people I didn’t know. “The new kid,”  a title given to me once or twice from students at previous schools. A feeling of nervousness fell down on me as I stood in the middle school hallway, searching for my first period class. These nervous feelings are not reserved for the new students, roaming the halls and entering classrooms, but also for the new faces you’ll see as often, the teachers.

Flippin School District is one among many schools stocked with teachers, making an impact on every student. I asked some of our new teachers what their personal views are for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

“A goal I hope to accomplish this year is to make a difference in a students day every day,” Coach Austin Gardner said. Coach Gardner is a high school special education teacher paraprofessional and assistant baseball coach. “This is my first teaching position in my career.”

Other new personnel in the school district such as Mr. Dale Horn, work to serve students and staff. Mr. Horn is the principal of Flippin High School who moved from Mobile, Alabama to impact the lives of students. “I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in the hearts and lives of young people,” Mr. Horn shared. Mr. Horn strives to “encourage the outstanding faculty in the high school to think outside the box and embrace failure as they mold the dreams of their students.” Other goals he has shared is to bring the senior class closer together, increase parent involvement, and encourage and empower students to change their circumstances. “I hope that the words that I share with my students encourage them to follow their dream.”

Another new teacher in our school district is Mrs. Amanda Dixon. The newest addition to kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Dixon feels “blessed to work with such an amazing group of educators that truly care about each and every student.” She recently moved to Flippin from a small town in Northwest Arkansas. “When I think of what Flippin means to me, I think of being home.”

Overall, the new teachers you might see every day are just beginning their story at Flippin. There are many ways that these new teachers and veteran teachers that have been working here for many years are working together to make an impact on the lives of students.


Ethan Granniss
Staff Writer
Bobcat Bulletin

Photo by: Amy Lynch