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Multi-Purpose Building Serves as Tornado Shelter

Bobcat Bulletin | Flippin School District | October 25, 2016

Along with the new Flippin Elementary School, the district recently built an all new Multi-Purpose Facility. The main purpose of this facility is to serve as a tornado shelter, but hopefully it will never have to. The building can withstand up to an F4 tornado, which can have winds up to 250 MPH. The building can hold up to 950 people at one time. The inside of it is very spacious; it has two basketball goals and is about the size of a basketball court. It also has bathrooms, which is a nice feature. As for the outside of the building, the stats are quite impressive. The walls are made of reinforced concrete, one foot thick and twenty-five feet tall. The floor is four inches of reinforced concrete as well. The doors are even made of steel. So, the building can handle almost every category of tornado, if it ever needs to. The middle and high school have already had a tornado drill. It went very smoothly and the building still had plenty of room once everyone was in. The entire school is supposed to be having a drill soon, in which every student and faculty district-wide would take part in. This building was a very good addition to the school district and plays a major part in student safety.

Parker Burris
Staff Editor
Bobcat Bulletin