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About Flippin School District

The mission of Flippin School District is, “to create a caring environment built on nurturing relationships in which students are actively engaged in meaningful learning.”  Our staff is caring and compassionate.  We understand that a student’s learning is not determined solely by their score on a test or a letter grade.  Flippin School District believes in building relationships with our students and showing them we care for them as individuals.  Only then can we begin to work together to create opportunities for success for our students.    

Our staff is innovative and progressive, for example:  our district was among the first in the state to implement a school-wide dyslexia intervention program, our high school is a school of innovation and partners with neighboring businesses and colleges to provide opportunities for our students, our students are leaders at the state level in a number of state-wide organizations, and our staff is encouraged to try new approaches to meet the needs of their students.  Our staff has been known to take groups of students camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, birdwatching, and fishing to expose them to the natural resources available in our beautiful state.  In the past year our students have traveled to (Biloxi) Mississippi, (Nashville) Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, and Alabama because we feel it is important for our students to experience life outside of Marion County as well. 

Our staff believes in teamwork.  We understand that working together as a team of teachers will generate better ideas and better instruction for our students.  We understand that working as a team with students gives students ownership of their education and promotes self-confidence and empowerment.  We have worked diligently with neighboring businesses and colleges to create post-secondary opportunities for our students.  This year our students will be able to take college English on our campus and receive both high school and college credit through a partnership with ASUMH.  Finally, we know that you understand your child best and we want to partner with you to meet the needs of your child so they can achieve the level of success they desire.

Flippin is surrounded by the natural beauty of Bull Shoals Lake, White River, Crooked Creek, and Buffalo River.   Multiple recreational opportunities are within mere minutes of our campus.  Flippin is a place where people still wave at strangers, welcome visitors, and ask how you’re doing because we genuinely care.  Businesses in town are run by Flippin Graduates or by people that have (or have had) children in our school system.  People come here to visit and stay for a lifetime!  Click on our “Contact Us” tab and e-mail us or call 870-453-2270 and let us tell you more about Flippin and Flippin School District.  Our goal is to offer the opportunities of a larger district, in a small school atmosphere. Our teachers care about their students, because they have built relationships with them and their families, and everyone is working together to provide our students with meaningful learning opportunities.

I am honored to serve as the Superintendent of Flippin Public Schools.  If you have questions about our school, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.  My door is open.


Kelvin Hudson, Superintendent