FSD is closed for the Governor's Mandatory Shut Down through April 17, 2020. Students will complete AMI packets 2-10 through Thursday, April 2, 2020. Further communication about AMI work beyond day 10 will come via our social media and website ASAP. 

Job Openings: Two (2) Elementary Teachers and Elementary Music Teacher: Please contact Tracie Luttrell at  (870) 453-8860Federal Coordinator, starting July 1, 2020; contact Kelvin Hudson. Licensed Bus Drivers: Contact Kelvin Hudson at (870) 453-2270. 

High School ChromeBook Program

Flippin Schools is proud to offer a Chromebook Program to all students.  Each student is equipped with a Chromebook (tablet) to do school work and projects on.  They are responsible for the equipment during the year, and turn their tablets in at the end of each year.  

For information on damage repairs, lost/stolen insurance claims and more, click here.