FSD is closed for the Governor's Mandatory Shut Down through April 17, 2020. Students will complete AMI packets 2-10 through Thursday, April 2, 2020. Further communication about AMI work beyond day 10 will come via our social media and website ASAP. 

Job Openings: Two (2) Elementary Teachers and Elementary Music Teacher: Please contact Tracie Luttrell at  (870) 453-8860Federal Coordinator, starting July 1, 2020; contact Kelvin Hudson. Licensed Bus Drivers: Contact Kelvin Hudson at (870) 453-2270. 

Gifted & Talented

Flippin Public Schools prides itself in having a variety of choices that help to fulfill the needs of all of our students. One of our programs is designed around those students who possess extraordinary skills or talents in academics, arts, music, and other specific interests. Thirty minute enrichment lessons are provided by the GT Coordinator for grades K-3, and pull out classes are provided for those students who display those skills and need further instruction in specific interest and talent areas. This program allows students, who have been assessed for exceptional skills to expand their knowledge through research, participation in Quiz Bowl and/or Chess tournaments, artistic endeavors, and projects of specific interest. In addition to academics, students in the program learn leadership skills and techniques, presentation skills, and social attitudes conducive to successful careers when adults. Field trips are incorporated into the program that introduce students to various career opportunities and to expand their knowledge of our State and our Country. 

For more information or questions, please contact the Flippin School District K-12 GT Coordinator, Susan Dyche.  

Email: susandyche@flippinschools.net