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Bobcat Madness Kicks Off Basketball Season

Bobcat Bulletin | Basketball | March 01, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! At least it is for Bobcat basketball fans! On October 7th, we kicked off the basketball season with Bobcat Madness. The festivities started during the day when the entire school gathered together for the first part of the red and white games. Kindergarten through twelfth grade gathered together to watch all of our basketball teams play. Elementary students came in the gym and got to show off their Flippin Bobcat pride. There were painted faces and signs being held up all throughout the section of Elementary students. All of the basketball teams got to play. We also got to see the wonderful Bobcat band show off their talent. During the evening games, not only were the students involved but the entire community. There was something there for everyone. In between the basketball games, there were fun games that people in the crowd could participate in. There was a very intense game of musical chairs. There was even a dance off (or multiple dance-off’s). Couples were invited to get on the basketball court to see who had the best dance moves. There was a dance off between the senior high boys and girls basketball teams to end the night. All the players got done on the basketball court to see who not only had the best basketball skills but the best dance moves. The senior high boys won, much to the girl’s dismay, and that concluded the night for Bobcat Madness. Bobcat Madness is a way for the community and school to get together and support our basketball teams. This year it was very evident that our school has lots of spirit, and we can’t wait to see what the 2016-2017 basketball season brings!

Averi Bailey
Staff Writer
Bobcat Bulletin