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New Playground Equipment

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| | September 28, 2018

New Playground Equipment

Everyday the children stampede out onto the playground heading directly for the new

equipment. They reach it yelling with joy, and calling to their other friends to play with them. The

teachers are happy to see their students enjoying their recess.

The playground equipment is the new edition to the new Elementary school built before 2017-

2018 school year and brings extra joy with it. With a brand new slide and climbing equipment,

the children can practice their balance and climbing skills everyday. Mrs. Benedict has said,”It’s

fun and matches the school!” Other teachers like it just because the kids can have fun. Many of

the teachers like this new equipment better than what they had at the old elementary school.

Students could fall from the outdated equipment, and possibly cause an injury.

However, not all of the equipment is brand new to this school year, the swing set was installed

just after the new elementary was built. The swingsets are the second most popular equipment

on the playground. The kids teach themselves and their friends to swing and push each other

on the swing. With competitions like, “who can swing the highest” the swings bring endless fun

to the children.

Students and teachers can look out of the windows during class and remember what they did at

recess. Some high schoolers grow envious of the elementary students and wish they could

have had the same equipment. Earlier this year the new equipment was all the rage amongst

the students, some students see who can climb the highest, some just go to slide. Students like

Kileigh Edwards enjoy the climbing the most, while some like Emeri Burris has said sliding is

her favorite activity.

While the new playground is fresh and new to the district it already is becoming a memorable

part of Flippin. It brings delight to teachers and students alike. And everyone can agree it is one

of the most positive recent editions to our district. 

Matthew Jarrett

Staff Writer
Bobcat Bulletin

Photos by: Matthew Jarrett