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FSD COVID-19 Update 9/16/20

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| | September 16, 2020

Important Update from Superintendent Hudson: In an effort to keep our parents and community informed, the District is reporting that we have a small number of staff who have tested positive for COVID-19.  The staff who have tested positive and those considered probable close contacts are in quarantine as required by Arkansas Department of Health guidelines. These protocols state that anyone exposed to a positive individual within a distance of 6 feet for 15 cumulative minutes during a 24-hour period will be quarantined for 14 days.  The District has been in contact with the Department of Health as well as the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and is taking appropriate action, including extra sanitizing measures, to follow guidance issued by these departments.  The District has finalized contact tracing at this time and has notified all probable close contacts.  If you have not been contacted, your child is not considered a probable close contact. 

Flippin School District cannot disclose information, including specific positive case numbers less than 5, that would identify a student’s or a staff member’s name, work position or building location. The District can provide no further information at this time due to confidentiality requirements imposed by applicable state and federal laws. However, Flippin School District will continue to make the safety of students and staff our highest priority. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  

The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement’s website will allow you to search by District, zip code, and city. You can access that information via this link:  https://achi.net/covid19/