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2A-1 District Tournament

| | February 19, 2021

2A-1 District Tournament Live Bracket

Update from Superintendent Hudson:
The tournament will now extend from 2/19/21 to 2/27/21. The brackets (linked in the comments) have been updated to a 6:00pm start time and the boys/girls will be playing on different nights next week. This decision is based on the information copied below. Tonight's (2/19/2021) games WILL be played as scheduled. This change in format was made today. My apologies for so many last minute changes but AAA is doing their best to make sure all students get a chance to play. The combination of COVID-19 and snow this week had many conferences unable to play their district tournaments. Even though we had a plan to complete our tournament many schools around the state were forced to cancel their season without a tournament. AAA felt like this change (even though it was late in the week) was in the best interest of all students.
From AAA:
2021 Conference Seeding Regional and State Tournaments
Trying to find the most equitable solution when dealing with Covid-19 related no-contest and with unprecedented weather conditions that prevented the timely completion of the season has proven to be very difficult. After finally securing the facility for the Finals, working with the Arkansas Department of Health, AR PBS, our statewide TV provider, the NFHS Network, Mascot Media for live streaming each state tournament site, vendors, sponsors and officials, the regional and state tournaments will be delayed one week in order to more equitably seed the tournaments.

The 2A-1 District Tournament begins, Friday, February 18, 2021. The brackets will be updated live via this link. 

To meet ADH and AAA guidelines schools cannot host more than one team in a single gymnasium which has created the need for schools who have a secondary gym to schedule games in both their "old gym" and their "new gym". This has also made it impossible to determine times prior to some games being played. Snow necessitated us to play boys and girls on the same nights to complete the tournament by the Monday, 2/22/21, deadline. The higher seeded team will host the game. Livestream info will be updated on this bracket as available.