Flippin Preschool

Flippin Preschool
145 School Lane
Flippin, AR 72634
Fax: 870-453-2411


Flippin Preschool (Forrest & Nina Wood Preschool) is located on the campus of Flippin School District.  It is an enhanced child-centered learning program.  Our focus is to provide age appropriate activities for children and to provide opportunities for parents to enhance their parental skills.  It is our goal to provide a positive learning experience for both children and adults.  We strive to create a partnership with the children and families and encourage parents to be advocates for their children by participating in the program and freely communicating with the preschool staff.  Children attending preschool are provided with a caring, safe, nurturing, relaxed and developmentally appropriate environment.  We strive to provide an atmosphere for growth physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively by encouraging children to be curious, ask questions, and discover their own ideas and responses to their world.  Children will be provided a well-rounded daily schedule, which includes:

  • Child-directed free play (indoors & outdoors)

  • Organized activities such as songs, stories, and games

  • Many opportunities to explore, create and be successful

  • Time to practice self-help skills

  • A relaxed and respectful social atmosphere

  • Rest and Relaxation